Kinsta Hosting via Trender


Kinsta specialises in WordPress hosting. They are known for high speeds and reliability. Especially for heavier websites, Kinsta comes out fastest in the test. Because Trender buys big here, this can be shared by multiple customers.

Note: It is not a 'reseller package' where one package is shared by multiple customers. Each website has its own environment for maximum speed and stability.

Multiple 'PHP WORKERS'

Kinsta uses multiple PHP workers side by side. This can be compared to supermarket with multiple checkouts. If only one checkout is open, queues quickly form, especially a full shopping trolley. The same applies to websites. With one worker, all visitors have to wait for e.g. a heavier task (link, search function) while they themselves might only have a small task (e.g. load a normal web page). With two 'checkouts', waiting times are already a lot less and with 10 checkouts next to each other, there is hardly ever anyone waiting anymore. More information.

Google Cloud Service Hosting

Kinsta uses Google Cloud services. These are the most reliable servers in the world. For AVG/GDPR purposes, local Google servers in Eemshaven can be chosen.

In addition, Kinsta offers 24/7 support. So if something is wrong with your website, you can always contact an expert with your questions. Trender will support and guide you in this.

Adapt, test, go live

The ability to set up a test environment is another advantage of Kinsta. The test environment allows Trender to make major changes in advance. It allows us to test the changes extensively before they go live on the real website. The test environment also has the advantage that we can include your feedback on the changes during the test phase.

Other Kinsta features and tools:
  • Page caching performed by the server and optimised for WordPress.
  • Detailed analysis including bandwidth, CDN usage and insights, cache, HIT and MISS ratio and performance data.
  • Test environments, the ability to push the test environment to live environment and restore backups in the test environment.
  • Use our search-and-replace tool to perform bulk updates on your website.

Kinsta (entry level)

  • $ 35,- per month
  • Package with 2-php-workers
  • Max 25,000 visitors
  • Max 10 GB storage

Business 1

  • $ 90.- per month
  • Package with 6-php-workers
  • Max 100,000 visitors
  • Max 10 GB storage

Price via trender

  • €25 per month (excluding VAT).
  • Pack of 10-php workers!
  • Max 25,000 visitors/month*
  • Max 10GB storage*

*Or customised package

Frequently asked questions

Kinsta itself charges prices in US Dollars, but Trender charges prices in Euros.
With this, the risks with course changes lie with Trender.
All prices are exclusive of VAT.

This remains possible, of course. Next, the Trender account can access your Kinsta hosting.
For the discount (and faster specifications), the account does need to be created under Trender.

This is of course possible. After converting the main administrator of the package, the specifications are adjusted to the own subscription.

This is one month.