Trender blog

Now you may be thinking, "Where are all the blogs?" The answer is simple - we have deliberately left them out. Let us explain why.

There used to be a blog here.

The internet is awash with tips, tricks, strategies and the latest trends in online marketing. Although we at Trender are enthusiastic readers of these blogs and constantly keep abreast of the latest developments in the industry, we have decided to stop writing our own blogs.

The reason? We believe our time and expertise is better spent doing what we do best: directly helping our clients achieve their online marketing goals. Instead of spending time writing blogs that already exist elsewhere, we focus entirely on our clients' needs and ensure measurable results.

If you are looking for specific insights or have any questions about online marketing, we are always happy to to help. If you are looking for interesting articles, we recommend the following websites.

Online marketing:

Digitalmarketer Hubspot blog* Emerce (NL)

* We are not a fan of Hubspot itself, but their blogs are good and substantive


Yoast Blog Search Engine Land SemRush Blog