Webshops & more

E-commerce total solutions

At Trender, we understand that e-commerce is more than just launching an online shop. Whether it's building a new webshop, maintaining it, or increasing your online visibility and sales through advertising and SEO, Trender has the expertise. This means you can rely on one party to oversee the entire e-commerce playing field and navigate it effectively.

Proven results

Trender has built several webshops from the ground up, now processing 100+ orders per day. This success is due not only to the user-friendly webshops, but also to our strategic use of marketing campaigns and SEO to increase visibility and sales.


Specialised in WooCommerce

Although most Trender webshops are built in WooCommerce, we also have extensive experience with platforms such as Lightspeed and Shopify. For clients using Magento and Drupal, we focus mainly on managing ad campaigns and SEO, as our technical expertise lies mainly with WordPress combined with WooCommerce.

Maintenance & support: your webshop in good hands

Once your webshop is live, we stay involved. Our support and maintenance services ensure that your webshop operates smoothly. We also ensure that your webshop remains relevant to your customers.

At Trender, we take a comprehensive approach to e-commerce, from concept to day-to-day operations. Together, we ensure that your webshop is not only present, but also successfully running and growing in an ever-changing online market.