• 1998: Building my first website

    At the age of 10, it all started with building simple websites. Programs or CMS systems were not available at the time (yet), so all HTML-codes had to be written down with pen en paper. Devious and time-consuming, but a reasonable basis for understanding and writing codes.

  • 2000: The rise of flash

    HTML websites got exchanged for animated Flash animations. Today, an outdated technology, but at that time, these were the most beautiful sites.

  • 2004: Photography

    The first digital camera in 2004 was the beginning of my passion for photography. Now a hobby and later as a professional.

  • 2005: Study Commercial Economics

    Besides the internet, there is a growing interest in marketing. Hence the study Commercial Economics, which will be completed successfully in 2010.

  • 2006: First webshop

    Trender’s first webshop was online!

  • 2007: Internship Online marketing

    After an internship at Pauwr, interest for the link between internet and commerce has risen: online marketing. Back then quite unknown but nowadays you cannot imagine a world without it.

  • 2008: Online Marketeer

    The placement at PauwR as a trainee results in a job as an online marketer. During my study part-time, after my study full-time.

  • 2008: Google Certified Partner

    In 2008 the first examinations for ‘Google Certified Partner’ were completed.

  • 2011: Trender is founded

    Since January 2011, the job at PauwR becomes a part-time job again due to the foundation of Trender. The focus at PauwR lies in the attention of several (large) clients. Trender works primarily on projects for a limited group of partners.

  • 2011: Own photo studio

    The demand for affordable product photos is increasing. Hence the choice of an own photo studio.

  • 2012: Google Analytics certification

    In addition to the certification for AdWords, there is now an accreditation earned for Google Analytics.

  • 2013: Fulltime Trender

    After having had a great time at PauwR, we have grown from 2 to 14 employees, it was time for the next step. 100% focus on Trender!


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Telephone: +31 (0)76 – 7370277

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