The blog is back (and is now called ‘news’)

Where did the blog go?
It was half 2014, and there wasn’t written a new blog for months. Enough was happening, but because we were so busy, we weren’t able to write more articles. An old blog, however, makes it look like nothing is happening. Because of that, the choice was made to not publish any more blogs on the website.

News is back again
There has been a lot of growth the last couple of months that are fun to share. Facebook is not what it used to be, and LinkedIn is used actively, but not by all our customers/partners. So a website remains the best place to communicate the news. Afterwards, we can obviously share it on all social media.

No blog but ‘news’
There are thousands of blogs about online marketing. A lot of articles are copies of each other, but only a few tens of useful blogs remain. Specifically, international blogs like,, and are sources of information. And when we have a unique insight, we would rather share it with our customers instead in an owned (public) blog. That is the reason why the blog continues as a news page.

Do not expect hundreds of blogs a year. A minimum of once a month we will give you an update about all developments within Trender.