Web design

Designing and building websites & webshops

Websites that deliver results

At Trender, we build websites that are not only visually appealing, but also functional and user-friendly. With an eye for detail and a focus on the latest trends, we ensure that your website not only attracts attention, but also gets results.

WordPress specialists

At Trender, we mainly build websites with WordPress. This platform offers flexibility and a wide choice of plug-ins, perfect for both small and large projects. With more than 180 WordPress sites to our name, we know the ins and outs. We know exactly which tools and themes work best (together), allowing us to build quickly and efficiently.


Smart Web Design: The Power of Standards

At Trender, we focus on building websites with recognised themes and plugins. This approach ensures that we limit customisation wherever possible, which brings several benefits. Using widely supported and validated themes and plugins makes updating your website easier, increases future-proofing and ensures that you are not dependent on a single web builder for maintenance and updates.

Almost every issue already has an existing solution, but should there be a need for customisation, Trender can provide this. We develop our own plugins or (child) themes that seamlessly match your specific needs and requirements.

Joint design sessions

Many of our clients appreciate being directly involved in the design process of their website. That's why at Trender we offer the opportunity to create the design together during joint design sessions. We start by setting up a 'rough draft' of the website, which we then flesh out together with the client during the meeting. This approach makes it easier for clients to give feedback; they experience it as less cumbersome than exchanging long e-mails. These sessions act as a kind of brainstorming, specific to the design, where ideas and preferences can be explored and implemented immediately. This ensures an efficient process and results in a website that truly reflects what the client envisions.


Complete unburdening

At Trender, we go further than just designing an online shop; we offer complete unburdening for your online presence. We understand that your focus is on your core business, both online and offline. That is why we give you the option to leave full control of your webshop to us. This means that you can concentrate on what you are good at, while we take care of the entire development, set-up and maintenance of the website/webshop.